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Welcome to My new Blog!

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

The aim of this blog is to tell my story and help others as well as get advice along the way.

Pursue your passions!

For starters

So I'm not the best writer in the world. Heck, I'm not even the best designer in the world. However, I've always been the type to push myself to become greater everyday and follow my passions. I think back to when I was in highschool. I loved guitar! I played all the time! Then in college, a little less, then after college, a lot less! I let life get in the way. And that's ok. I have bills to pay and a family with whom I like spending my time. I still love guitar however, and everytime I walk by it I promise myself I'm going to pick it up and play. How often in life to we let our passions slip by us in pursuit of money or careers? I know I do, But I'm working hard at bringing it all back home. Focusing on myself and my family.

So what now?

I recently took a leap of faith. I started working on Equinox Digital Business Solutions. My personal company I've had on the side for many years. I'm working on it full time now!

"But Chad! You said you were going to focus on your passions!" I'm glad you mentioned that imaginary reader. I am! I have many passions, so many in fact that my whole day would be filled having fun and traveling, creating, and enjoying life. So, I'm killing two birds with one stone.

First of all, I've always loved art and design, and I've always wanted to build something from the ground up and have it be sustainable for years after I'm gone. Now I wake up each day and I'm exhilarated knowing I'm not building someone else's dream. I'm building mine. I'm building a company that doesn't feel like work! I enjoy it. Hopefully it will continue to grow so much that I'm overwhelmed with work and I can hire others to help me, and one day, set it free to run on it's own. My dream is that it would also afford me time to pursue the many other passions I have.

So follow along with me my journey. I'll be posting some cool articles and tips for things I've learned and will learn along the way. Maybe something useful to you or something that will inspire you. I'm always looking towards others for advice or friendship, so please feel free to comment or reach out. I want to engage with my audience as much as possible (even if it's just my close friends and family)

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